X-1 Beetroot / Bags

Hi all, I’m not an X-1 owner just yet… But I was just wondering how the bags handle the likes of beetroot and how you move over to different produce without the need of multiple bags?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hello, @devs Works great with beets. A lot of bag weave choice is a preference for most, Some operations will get a bag for each blend of juice but not completely necessary, A lot of other operations will set up their juice production in an order to go from lightest blends to heaviest (Which typically means beets go last) that way they do not have to deep clean the equipment in between batches just once every four hours.
The way I determine which bag I will use is mostly depending on clean up, I use the medium weave for all my green blends and fine for everything else. I use a wide weave or the nut mylk bag for the nut mylks, the wider weave I feel gives a richer taste to the end product.


Super helpful and knowledgeable response I have nothing else to say other than thank you very much have a good day cheers Steve :ok_hand::+1: