Recipe development and measuring produce

I am in the beginning stages of starting a juice business. How do you all develop and test your recipes, using individual batches and mixing juice in small quantities to test or juicing all produce together after weighing produce? I have read and seen both, and understand juice yields can be higher by combining produce. My problem is I don’t understand how to convert one way (juicing individually to taste test multiple recipes for the best ratios) to combining all ingredients first through weight of produce and juicing together for higher yield. Is there a “formula” to follow? And then in the actual production in business, which way works best? I learn so much from this community, so thank you!


Hello @Micheler lots of variables and each operation will have a better fit for either juicing separately or together. If you can send me an email with your number and I can talk you through the experimenting and how to calculate yields easily. Talk to you soon.


I would love to know this answer too!


@Dawn_Campbell-Benway send me an email we can set up a call if you would like. Thanks.


I would love to know also or if you can post like a demo example

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@AriS and I are going to plan a couple of webinars. This may be a good topic for one of the first ones.


Hi, my name is Karin and just started the juicing business. I am in the midst of developing recipes and have the same issue as @Micheler. I’ve tried both methods and here are my thoughts.

  1. individual batched and mixing juice later - allowed me to have more accurate recipe ratio but a lot of transferring and measuring to be done
  2. juicing all produce together after weighing produce - much efficient but will have mild variance when it comes to taste (if you are sensitive in taste profile)
    Yet to decide which one suits me the most as I just started the juicing journey. It would be great if we can have guidelines or steps to follow.

Hello @Karin I can help you out let’s schedule a quick call to discuss. Can you email me at thanks.

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I usually recommend to grind and press everything together because it makes the process easier and you get slightly more juice (about 5% higher yield).

The consistency will not be as accurate but I think most people are ok with the variance when they know they are buying raw juice. Produce changes month to month, so it’s normal for taste to change.


In my experience grinding and pressing all ingredients is the best. As Charlie mentioned, it does create a slightly larger yield (which over time can really help you gain a few points on food costs).
Every batch will have a slightly different taste than the last. That is part of the business, and adds authenticity to our products. Seasonality, ripeness, etc all effect taste. Like nearly everything we do, this needs to be communicated to the customer to help educate them.


I only juice at home and do like mono juicing for certain things but find that you do optimise yield with mixed produce for some things, especially leafy greens

Please keep me informed when you guys start the webinar I really would love to know the answers as well


Hi @charlie!
I would love to know if you did or are still planning any webinars on this topic? I love all the videos so far!
Thank you for all your knowledge and kindness in helping!!

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Ari and I have yet to do a webinar together, but we are doing one March 24th for
JMA members on HACCP and SSOP development. If you want access and aren’t yet part of the JMA, you can join here: How to join the JMA

We will certainly do more in the future.


I hope I have not missed the webinar. If it has held, please, invite me to join the next one. Thank you.

I’ve been searching for the right place to ask this exact question. Thanks for asking. @AriS I still have a few more questions. Can I send you an email to discuss?

@Jermaine absolutely you can reach me at talk to you soon.