Produce Yield Chart?

Hey everyone! Just joined this forum. So much amazing information. Thanks Goodnature for offering such a great knowledge-base for us juicepreneurs.

My apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn’t find anything on it yet.

Does anyone have a produce yield by weight chart they want to share? I have a small list going but want to experiment with more fruits and veggies and it would save a lot of time and money if there was a reference chart available? Would be so appreciated! <3

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Ah, I have one saved somewhere let me look on some of my hard drive’s later.
If I don’t respond in time, I think Charlie posted one here a while back and should still have it.

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Thank you! :blue_heart:

This is some testing I’ve done personally on the X-1 Mini., and I think this is what @Joseph_Pivoriunas is referring to. These results are based on doing single-ingredient batches. So for the ingredients marked as “red / not recommened”, many of them just need to be mixed with other ingredients in order to press properly.


This is exactly what I need. Thanks Charlie!

Thank you for this document @charlie
Do you have a similar produce yield by liters chart to share? Currently I am working by weight but it will be more precise by liters.


That is fluid ounces, not weight ounces. So you can do the math by 1 ounce = 29.5 ml.