Product Yield and Calculation

How do you calculate the for 12oz / 13.5oz /10 oz bottles of Juice.

Recipe = 200kg of fruits and vegetables
Cost = $120

I saw that you had to divide. 200kg/$120
Multiply : 0.73 (Kg) (1.6 lbs)

How can anyone selling juices in bottles calculate the actual cost to sell 12oz /13.5 oz /10 oz bottles ?

Contract Purchasing
As we all know its a priority to keep cost of ingredients low by purchasing in bulk how can that be achieved ? No one wants to shop at Grocery Store for produce. It would be too expensive when its time to factor revenue/profit a business have to make.


You will need to make the exact recipe and record how much volume of juice (ounce or ml) you get out of the weight (lbs or kgs).

For example if you get 500ml out of 1kg then you know you get 0.5ml per gram of produce for that recipe.

For pricing just get a price list from your local bulk produce purveyors.


Thank you so much for your prompt response Charlie.

So to fill a 16oz bottle how much would it based on your example calculation

How dis you get to the 0.5ml calculation

That’s just an example I made up. It is not based on anything.

16 ounces is about 500ml so based in the example it would be 1kg if produce.

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12oz bottle what would be the calculation

If it cost $25 for 60lbs of Produce
If we wanted to fill the bottle 12oz or 10oz

The calculation of inquiring about the

Volume of content inside the bottle, how would you
calculate cost inside the bottle, if the volume to be
filled inside the bottle is only
8oz: 10oz: 11oz:

Apart from the 0.73kg and 1.6 lb what would be that number

For example it
All Ingredients $50.00 and they weight 30lbs
To fill a bottle with 8oz 9oz 10oz 11oz 12oz

How would we determine the number to multiple by
$50.00/ 30 (kg/ lbs) x ( kg) or ( lbs)

@Chrissy hello, are you looking for estimates or do you have your recipes ready to go and looking to cost them out? Couple things, first how are you making the juice? Mixing everything together and then juicing correct? The first step should be figuring out specific weights of raw produce that go into each bottle.

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I have the
1)total weight
2)total cost

I’m wondering how do I calculate the cost of the content inside the bottle for example

Option 1 : 11oz
Option 2 : 12 oz

I remember the formula for lbs/ kg
Now what will I be multiplying by if the liquids contents to be filled is (11oz) (12oz)

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@Chrissy If you email me at a good number to reach you at I can give you a call and go over the steps. I like to use a spreadsheet so I can just add the current price per KG or LB and it will generate the cost. Works great because the cost of produce changes everyday.

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Do u weigh the fruits with their skin on or peeled b4 weighing(just before loading into the juicer)?

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@angela_ankyang yes before I prep the produce makes it easier and more accurate for costing as well.

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@AriS Is it best to create a juice recipe by juicing all of the raw fruits and vegetables together and seeing how much juice is yielded? Or is it better to create the juice recipe by juicing each raw fruit or vegetable separately and deciding how many ounces of each to use to fill a juice bottle?

@plntd I like to mix everything together when creating new recipe blends, but nothing wrong with juicing individual items and blends the juices together to see if it will work first. Just seems like an added step where I find first if they work, then I need to re-test to find the ratios. This is more my personal preference I have seen people do it both ways.

That makes sense! Thank you for the feedback.