Product Yield and Calculation

How do you calculate the for 12oz / 13.5oz /10 oz bottles of Juice.

Recipe = 200kg of fruits and vegetables
Cost = $120

I saw that you had to divide. 200kg/$120
Multiply : 0.73 (Kg) (1.6 lbs)

How can anyone selling juices in bottles calculate the actual cost to sell 12oz /13.5 oz /10 oz bottles ?

Contract Purchasing
As we all know its a priority to keep cost of ingredients low by purchasing in bulk how can that be achieved ? No one wants to shop at Grocery Store for produce. It would be too expensive when its time to factor revenue/profit a business have to make.

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You will need to make the exact recipe and record how much volume of juice (ounce or ml) you get out of the weight (lbs or kgs).

For example if you get 500ml out of 1kg then you know you get 0.5ml per gram of produce for that recipe.

For pricing just get a price list from your local bulk produce purveyors.


Thank you so much for your prompt response Charlie.

So to fill a 16oz bottle how much would it based on your example calculation

How dis you get to the 0.5ml calculation

That’s just an example I made up. It is not based on anything.

16 ounces is about 500ml so based in the example it would be 1kg if produce.

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