Glass bottle information

Hi everyone its so glad to know people who is doing same business like me !
İ am opening a juice bar in Costa rica. name is: Liv juice bar.
Please could you tell me that where i can find glass french square bottles 14 oz.
Also i want to know what kind of materials better for label.



Welcome Serpil.
From what I have encountered 14oz bottles are an odd size. I am sure they exist, but I haven’t seem them ever in a French square. We use a 16oz & 4oz French Square bottle from Berlin Packaging. This is a good starting point on your search.



Thanks for answer ! we will sale less than 500 ml cold pressed juice for now and thats way i was thinking about 14 oz. i will check Berlin Packaging .

Hi Serpil! 16oz and 12oz are pretty standard but as @TheJuiceBoxLV mentioned 14oz is not standard and will most likely be hard / impossible to find in glass square. You may want to consider using 12oz.

Hi Charlie Thanks for repley. You must be totallly right. İ will thinkin about 12 oz.

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Cape Bottle Company carries them in various sizes. (888) 833-6307 Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m I hope this helps!

Thank you very much i will check them.

We use the 16oz. too. Wish they had a 12oz.

But we’re not having any issues or complaints regarding 16oz. Easy to say two servings, etc. Also we found 8oz. to be too small for a juice. Perhaps we’ll use for Tonics, etc.

Hey how much should I be looking to spend per glass bottle? On Berlin, the shipping is more than the bottle order, pushing the price per bottle to $1.50 per bottle.
Thanks for the guidance.

$1.50 is pretty darn high. You haven’t even put your labels on the bottle which will drive up costs even more. When we were using there 16oz French square, our all cost per bottle was $1.04/ unit which is reasonable but still high. We are saving a lot since switching to the Eco-Clear bottles from Captiva. Nearly 40 cents/ unit which over 30K bottle in a year is a respectable amount of money. You may consider upping your order to get the bigger price breaks with Berlin if you have the room. Also, reach out to an account executive over there, they can negotiate a better price too.

Great advice and guidance! I will keep digging. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me. Thank you.