Glass or Plastic Bottle Suppliers

Best wholesale supplier company for glass or plastic bottles? (sizes: 12oz, 16oz and 2oz shot bottles)

I recommend Berlin or Stanpac for glass, Captiva for plastic. You can use the Bottle Up app at to order captiva bottles.

I would also suggest Stanpac, amazing durable glass bottles with easy on tamper proof lids

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What company is the best for custom bottles?

Captiva can help you with a custom mold then make the bottles for you if they are plastic. If you are looking for glass, Berlin can help.

The process involves designing a 3D mold and getting the mold made, then ordering bottles in large quantities. Numbers I’ve been quoted in the past are $20k - $30k for design and mold process, then ordering about 40k - 50k bottles, which will be about a half container load per order.