Custom disposable cups for smoothies

Hello, I’m looking for recommendations on where to buy custom plastic smoothie cups and bowls.

From what I have encountered it is better to deal with a local paper/ packaging supplier than an online ordering site. The local supplier can warehouse your packaging and give you frequent deliveries. Where are you located?

Thank you, im in the Buffalo area

I am sure that there are many in your area and probably a dozen in NYC that will ship to you on a weekly basis.

@Scriptsjuice, what did you end up doing for your cups? I’m not really in a good spot for a local company, it would have to be shipped regardless. So I was curious what you ended up working out or did you go online?

I am still in the process of figuring that out. We are a cafe/coffee shop and are expanding into the juice business based on local demand. I’m waiting on pricing from a local vendor but online pricing just might be better.