Glass, plastic, and different sizes?

Hi guys,

Do you use multiple size containers: 2oz for shots? 8oz & 16oz for juice? Smoothies 16oz? Have you found that utilizing glass or plastic is more valuable to the consumer? Do you offer some items in to go containers and some in cups to go? We’re trying to figure out what is in demand and what’s cost saving for us. Thank you!

Hey, Lauren!

That really depends on your target population. Some companies intend to produce for the masses, they use cheaper plastic packaging. There are specific containers to use if you plan on doing HPP. If your concept is non-HPP and you do fresh pressed, raw product, I see a lot of companies (and we do this) use glass bottles (8/16oz/32oz) and do a bottle credit program. This gives customers discounts for bringing bottles back, confidence in being eco-friendly (which makes them further trust in your brand) which saves you $. We also have cups that people can get at a discount 1) bc they will never ever return their glass bottles and don’t want to wash them 2) There are better recipes that people prefer in cups (i.e. banana blends, protein blends like whey, kefir, things that oxidize fast or make the blend super fluffy!).

Maybe test it out and see what goes over well. We find that as more people get educated, they demand glass bottles especially if your product is of high quality. The packaging should reflect that.

Good luck! :seedling::seedling:


From what I see in the market place, people that care about glass really care about glass, and people that don’t don’t. So I agree with @Kaitlin_Soto that it depends on your target customers.

If you are going for the higher end, organic, vegan market than I believe glass is necessary. If your market is bit less demanding and would prefer the cheaper price point, then you probably shouldn’t make the commitment to go glass unless you personally feel strongly about it. Glass is a hard thing to manage, and the decision shouldn’t be taken lightly as I’m sure others that have committed to it will agree.