Labels on small bottles / packaging

Hello Everyone,

We are new to this community. I am Randy and my wife is Ingrid, we will soon be opening Jai Jus in San Diego. We have a question for the group. We are planning on selling 2oz shots along with juices and smoothies. Must we put the FDA warning about unpasteurized juice as well as the nut facility warning on our shot bottles? The bottles are so small that if we need to put the warnings one would need a magnifying glass to read them. Thanks and happy to be here!

Unfortunately, yes you do. I fought with the same issue, and a 2oz container just doesn’t seem to work with all the necessary verbiage. Maybe others have made it work, but I decided against 2oz grab n’ go packaging.

Hey JuiceBoxLV,
Thanks so much for your reply. It’s too bad that regulations can sometimes dictate business practices. But, I guess that’s the way it is. I may rethink the 2oz options as well. Appreciate your input. All the best to you!

Are those little tags an option?

Hey Charlie,

The little tags could be an option. Thanks for the suggestion. But, I think they would have to be almost bigger than the bottles to contain all of the necessary wording. My thoughts are to either go with a 3oz bottle and/or go with a label that goes all the way around the bottle thereby creating more surface space for text. Thanks again!

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I’m pretty sure the tags work. I’d double check with your local health department though