REUSE of glass bottles... anyone recycle/reuse?

Heard a few here re-use their bottles. After a few weeks in biz we have started to get bottle returns. Many customers know glass can live on.

Q; We would like to know what other juice businesses have done and what your experience has been.

After soaking, removing labels, washing and sanitizing we’re realizing bottle washing may not be with the time AND possible risk(s). We’re very sensitive to our raw juice production.

Yes we collect and reuse all our glass bottles. What’s your concerns?


Thanks, Julia.

I was curious about California based businesses in the raw juice category reusing…

We were not required to have an HACCP variance for the Dept. of Health and so observe the highest degree of cleanliness temperature control possible.

Recently had an oat & nut milk distributor question if we wanted to risk washing, sanitizing previously used bottles. They actually said they were not sure if that was even allowed.

So all information and shared experience from this forum is greatly valued.

Thanks again.

As long as you wash at 65C and then rinse cycle is at 95C, you are fine. It’s glass, not plastic which has ‘pores’ sort of speak. And then if you are still worried you have to sterilise them. I am not yet sure if industrial ways (maybe check how milk companies do it). But you can boil at 95C or put it in the oven at 110C for 20 min.


Thank you. We use a sanitizer for final. DoxyKlor… a Chlorine Dioxide. We did not have an issue until we heard this Milk rep kind of warn us.

What did the milk rep warned you off? Apologies I don’t understand.

He thought it may not be allowed by laws. Raw juice fears, I believe. I will call the Dept. Of Health in Los Angeles to see if I can get an answer.

I know Erewhon markets run a return program, and they are a fairly large retailer so I would think it’s probably OK in LA.