Bottle Deposit During These Times

Apologies if this has already been blogged about.

For the concern of proper sanitation procedures, especially with the current narrative, are businesses “allowed” to receive bottles back for deposit?
If so, is there specific measures that seem the safest and comforting to the consumer and employee/employer?

Thank you!

1111111111111111 First of all with everything going on most counties has put a pause on programs like this. So like everything else, confirmation from the local inspection agency.
For the actual procedures to do this with glass bottles, some caps have a safety seal, or insulation ring, you would need to use new caps every time for those.
Then you would just follow the steps of rinse out the bottles, The begin the wash in the first basin with soap, detergent, acid or alkaline cleaner, degreaser, or an abrasive cleaner
Then go into the rinse basin using clean water.
Then the sanitize basin at the proper concentration.
For this last step, you can use a high temp dishwasher for the sanitizing step, but for something like this, I might include both as the final step.