Sanitizing imported PET Bottles

Hi, amazing forum–thanks to all involved. I would like to know the best way to sanitize (if necessary) new PET bottles imported from China. We are a juice startup in the Middle East. I have looked all over for simple guidelines, but have have not come up with anything–and if the process would be the same for glass bottles. THANKS!

It is similar to glass in which you want to wash, rinse and sanitize. However for plastic, you want to avoid really high heat. I use a three compartment sink and for the sanitize step I fill up the sink at the proper recommend concentration and let the soak then air-dry with bottles face down so they can drain and dry properly.


thanks very much! is there a particular material or sanitizing solution that works best for this? and would an industrial dishwasher be suitable, provided the water and process was not too hot?

Any approved sanitizer will work, Like with everything else I like the ECOsan from ECOlab. I would probably stay away from a dishwasher for plastic. Just so you have more control on the temp.

f a n t a s t i c .

thanks again!

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