Label Applicator

Is anyone familiar with the Primera label applicator? Do you all apply labels manually? We would love to invest in this label applicator but need some reviews or other alternatives.

we apply ours by hand on glass bottles! we’ve tried several different label styles and finally found the perfect one. of course now with co-vid we’ve moved back to plastic bottles and there goes our whole new labeling game! lol

What part of COVID has you using plastic?

If it’s because of unsanitary return possibilities, I question how people can eat outside of restaurants and still use the plates and forks and knives of the restaurant. Same concept, the restaurant still has to take them inside and wash them.

Just curious as far as regulations and such. I’m also wondering how to approach the deposit game.

At the beginning of Covid (when I wrote my response) our state (MA) banned the return of bottles, so I decided to switch to plastic so if customers decided to recycle them with theirs trash it wouldn’t be such a waste of money for us. At that time all restaurants were closed too and it was solely to-go. We also found consumers are much more comfortable with plastic, one time use, right now as opposed to reusable right now based on daily interactions. In fact over the last 3 months since we were able to begin accepting the old glass bottles back I’ve maybe received two dozen return. Where as that would have been a normal days return. So for now, for us it makes sense to continue using plastic if the customer prefers it! I hope to switch back once regulations loosen (which I hope will make consumers more comfortable). To be honest I get your point with the restaurant thing but I think because this bottle travels into someone’s home or around with them people are more iffy… even though it’s sanitized the same way!