Labeling Techniques?

Namasté everybody.

I’ve seen many different techniques for labeling bottles.
One is having a standard label on the front with the brand and ounces etc. then a separate one with the recipe on back.
Another is having a standard sticker on front and a twine and cardboard label around rhe neck.
Another is having one sticker that has all the recipes and they just sharpie the box for which recipe the bottle is filled with.
Trying to navigate the cheapest and easiest way.
Any luck with printed bottles?
Any bad luck with labels pealing off after a few washes?
Any tricks of the trade that will save me some time and money?
Thank you so much for your wisdom.


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Alot of the answers to your questions are based on volume.
Printed bottles require a high minimum order (like 20,000 units) to order and need a higher volume to make it truly cost effective.
At a very small production, the twine & cardboard can work, but those materials seem to be MORE costly than a traditional sticker.
Reusable stickers from a vinyl material (we originally used them, ordered them through on a glass bottles can definitely lower long term packaging costs with a strong bottle return program.
From what we have found a paper recipe sticker, and a paper back label is the most cost effective.


Thank you so much for your insight.

So is the paper sticker model part of a deposit program? How does the sticker hold up in the dishwasher?


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The paper sticker model is not re-useable. A vinyl sticker is. I doubt the vinyl will hold up in a dishwasher. We ran our returned bottles with vinyl stickers through a standard 3 comp sink wash. My guess is a dishwasher runs too hot to keep a vinyl stick intact

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Hi Namaste,

We are partial to a company called Lightning Labels out of Denver, CO. They will send you a sample pack (for free) if you visit their website, Feel free to ask for Ashley McKibben as she is our account rep and she is wonderful. They have a great variety of labels types and material. We found one (white bopp) that is not affected by water and it is reusable should you need to peel it off and put it on another bottle.
Don’t hesitate should you have any other questions. We are all here to support one another.

All the best to you,

Randy and Ingrid
Jai Jus
San Diego, CA


Our vinyl stickers through Sticker Giant have held up very well in the dishwasher!