Labels for bottles

Hi juice lovers,

We are looking into companies to produce our juice bottle labels. Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks and happy new year!!

We’ve had luck with stickermule, easy online ordering. I’m not sure how the cost compares to others, but the labels are nice and they have good customer service.

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Thanks Charlie, we’ll check them out!

Avery Label is what we use, and they have a tremendous amount of sizes, materials and printing options. We use a water resistant label that allows it to be reused when a customer brings it back which helps save on packaging costs. Pricing is very competitive as well.


I am in the same boat. Eager to hear everyone’s suggestions!

I currently use Stickeryou labels, DateCodeGenie

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We use and are very happy with Frontier Label. Fast turnaround and lots of options. We love the white matte vinyl labels that we get!


Does anyone know a good/affordable place to get labels in bulk? I’m in CA!

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Hi there, I assume these are labels you print yourself? Any special requirements for the printer or cartridge to retain the water resistance?

I actually order them from . No need to buy a printer, ink, label, etc. You upload your design and select your size. I love how simple it is.


Ah ok got it, thanks! Thanks - you helped me solve a problem that’s consumed a lot of time recently - I even found an Avery Canada site




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