Sourcing glass bottles

Hi everyone!

I’m opening a juice shop in Park City, Utah. We’re scheduled to launch this July! However, we are experiencing the chaos of opening a business in the COVID climate we’re living through. Having a lot of issues finding glass bottles for a reasonable price.

Is anyone else struggling with souring glass bottles?
Any recommendations for a new juice shop owner?


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Hello Anna,

We use glass bottles from StanPac. They are 12 oz high-quality bottles, you can drop them on concrete, and usually, they don’t break. We order glass bottles by the pallet (2,400 qty), so you will need a place to store them. We pay .51 cents per bottle; this does not include shipping or plastic lids. We just order a pallet of bottles from StanPac my order was received in less than 2 weeks. StanPac is based in Canada. They are very trustworthy and make a good product. Promise this not a sales pitch, we just like their product.

This is the glass rack we use to store and wash bottles.



@David_Kosineski do the bottles ship from Canada? I know stanpac also has a texas facility and am just curious if the bottles are shipping from there.

Hi Charlie,

Yes, the bottles ship from Canada.
The glass is actually made in the USA but it is shipped from Canada. Not sure why.

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Recently I learned that the texas facility is for their other packaging materials, not bottles.

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