Sourcing glass bottles

Hi everyone!

I’m opening a juice shop in Park City, Utah. We’re scheduled to launch this July! However, we are experiencing the chaos of opening a business in the COVID climate we’re living through. Having a lot of issues finding glass bottles for a reasonable price.

Is anyone else struggling with souring glass bottles?
Any recommendations for a new juice shop owner?


Hello Anna,

We use glass bottles from StanPac. They are 12 oz high-quality bottles, you can drop them on concrete, and usually, they don’t break. We order glass bottles by the pallet (2,400 qty), so you will need a place to store them. We pay .51 cents per bottle; this does not include shipping or plastic lids. We just order a pallet of bottles from StanPac my order was received in less than 2 weeks. StanPac is based in Canada. They are very trustworthy and make a good product. Promise this not a sales pitch, we just like their product.

This is the glass rack we use to store and wash bottles.


@David_Kosineski do the bottles ship from Canada? I know stanpac also has a texas facility and am just curious if the bottles are shipping from there.