6 pack carriers

Hi guys, Do you recommend a six pack carrier or similar product that you use to carry juice cleanses?

If you are looking for a generic, low cost option look at this

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really like it! Wonder IF it would fit our 16oz glass bottles. Graphics are terrible though.

Do you guys you the Berlin 16oz french squares? (we do) I may have read your comment on the product page. Thanks for posting.

We do use the Berlin French square in 16oz. That carrier works well. It is really snug, so you have to use a little trick to get the last two bottles in without ripping it.
I agree, I hate the graphics, but branding carriers is more than I want to spend on them at the moment.

Thanks! Yeah… Maybe we should get a group together to have a die made for the Berlin. Plain E-Flute. I believe Drought Juice had one made. I have talked to a maker and plan to do at some point.

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When that time comes, please keep me in the loop.

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Interesting that these seem hard to find. Maybe a good product for Goodnature to stock


Found this online, have you seen this one?

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Great lead. Thank you!

We use these and stamp our logo on them: https://www.pakitproducts.com/product/kraft-6-pack-carriers/


Paper board is a tough product to make strong. Most Beers are doubled-upped (folded) board. I will purchase a few to test strength. Thx. As you know the 16oz glass bottle are very heavy :wink: a well designed 6 pack would be a great product to offer. I talked to Berlin regarding carrier, also regarding a 12 or 14oz French Squares. $ makes no sense until bigger biz.

I recall Drought Juice having a nice carrier (in pics); think they must have had it made to fit.

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Yes, Please ! :slight_smile:

Ours are 42 cents on amazon, we use a stamp for our logo. They do not fit glass 16 oz but great with 16 oz plastic bottles.

We also use a stamp.

Any suggestion on a good stamp?

We used rubberstamps.net

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Did y’all ever look into this? I have my local paper distributor quoting me OUTRAGEOUSLY high prices.

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Could you please share your TRICK to get that 6th box to fit? p l e a s e? lol

As I said, we use the 16oz. Berlin and love it so far. Just being asked for Cleanses lately and ppl seem to want a 6 pack.

We plan to hit the side visual on the sides of the box w/ a hit of color and we may stamp or label.

I was asked to provide a “dummy” for them to make die of. When I worked in Corp. world ‘real’ paper mfg co.s did them for free as part of the design process.

Does anyone know who Drought Juice (Detroit ares) uses for their 6 Packs? I will try email them. I’m pretty sure they use Belin bottles too.

Customers got creative… this fits perfect but handle too low. I will probably make a dummy using this as a pattern base.