Juicing Process

Hi everyone! I’m wondering if you have any tips / experience on HOW to juice. Ie - better to juice all the ingredients separately, and then mix the juices according to your recipe? Or better to weigh all ingredients and juice them one after the other, into the same vat of juice? We’ve heard mixed replies. We are primarily a wholesale smoothie company, but we’re getting more and more into juices, and are about to buy a larger juice machine, so could really use some tips!! Thank you!!

Hey @bonJudy I do have some thoughts on this but always like to hear other opinions. Here is my list of main points to consider:

  1. You can get 3% - 5% more juice when combining ingredients. This is because very wet ingredients like pineapple press better with dryer ingredients like greens mixed in, and very dry ingredients like kale grind and press better with something softer like apples mixed in.

  2. In a smaller juicing operation it’s easier to train employees to produce juice per recipe, instead of per ingredient. Juicing per ingredient takes a bit more math, preparation and training.

  3. Juicing things seperate is more consistent and is what most of the mid to large size wholesale companies do. That being said, it’s still best to mix some ingredients. For example if you only use kale in recipes where you also use apple, then juice all kale and apple together.


Also here’s an article I wrote about that in 2014: https://www.goodnature.com/blog/mixing-produce-or-grinding-separately/


Very helpful.