Protein Powder Question

Looking for some tips on using protein powders in smoothies and juices, looking to add in some adaptogens or probiotics, any recommended brands or techniques?


We use True Nutrition. Highly customizable.

Apothekary makes great stuff as far as adaptogens. If you email they will send free samples. The founder / CEO is our friend Shizu Okusa.

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I use both a whey protein and a vegan protein.

The only ingredients in a powder form that we use in juices is cinnamon, black pepper and cayenne pepper, but for smoothies we use LivWell Protein, they are really high quality, clean and they sell in bulk and retail so your customers can have access to take it home as well.

I like to use any high quality whole egg protein powder in my smoothies. Helps me avoid some bloat that whey or milk based protein powders may cause. I also use hemp protein powder which I digest easily - unlike soy protein powder!

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