Cannabis and CBD

Who knows something about cannabis and CBD? How can we best work that into the juice market (in places where it’s legal)?

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We just signed up as a wholesaler with American Shaman. We will be selling water-soluble drops and ointment as a retail item. We might be able to put it in a smoothie or juice as an add-on. Will chime in when I know what that tastes like!


Cool, I’ve added CBD oil to my juice but it separates and floats on top. Will be curious to hear about you experiments with the water-soluble stuff

Following! Thank you.

Following this thread.

Plan to have oil as an “add on” too for our smoothies so it blends.

Noticed places like Drought Juice is really featuring it in various juices and hydrations.

We planned on stocking a CBD water, but would be really happy to find one bottled in glass.

Sounds like a good business opportunity!

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no kidding. right on! will look into that asap.

I’m glad this thread got started! We will most likely be discussing this topic at JuiceCon 2019, but I’m happy to discuss here as well. :grinning:

When buying CBD products (soluble, isolate, full spectrum) you want to make sure its not produced in Asia and instead is made locally in the United States (I noticed American Shaman in made is US, that is great!). When using CBD full spectrum make sure its under 0.3% THC (federal legal amount regarding CBD/HEMP). You’ll want to get test results from your provider EACH batch you get. This is most important while using full spectrum CBD. Isolate is the CBD molecule isolated from the other cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. CBD isolate almost always has 0% THC. That being said, full spectrum CBD is far superior than isolate. The healing powers of full spectrum are amazing. Your endo-cannabinoid system goes into overdrive when using full spectrum and thats exactly what you want to happen!

When using an infused CBD oil (great for made to order smoothies), if you add it to juice it will float and separate. You may need an emulsifier like malic acid, lemon juice, or maybe citric acid.

Water soluble CBD is a different process and kind of depletes the positive reactions with CBD (because of use of citric acid). A lot of it is made in Asia and even if its not, it still may not be your best choice.

I hope this helps people. Let me know if anyone has questions. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I was hoping you would find this thread! Great info :100:

Excellent info, Maine_Juice_Co!
Thank you for clarifying the difference between a full spectrum ( whole Hemp) CBD product and an isolate… so many do not know. I think of an isolate as a flute, and a full spectrum product as an entire orchestra of instruments working synergistically to produce a symphony of beautiful music.

We live in Oregon where both medicinal and recreational cannibis products are legal… our customers LOVE it that we both sell whole Hemp extracts retail in our juice bar and add it to drinks for an upcharge.

PS. Loved your presentation at JuiceCon 2018 :green_heart:


Wonderful! I love the way you explain the difference between FS and isolate. I’m gonna use this from now on! :star_struck:

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Excellent info. I am lucky my BFF has a hemp farm in Colorado and presses his own. Great product line! Farmhouse Hemp.


so what are some of the best CBD full spectrum brands or the brands you all use? I am in Idaho and we only have 1 brand locally and it is only an isolate.

I use R&R Medicinals CBD All of their hemp is grown on outdoor organic farms in Colorado. Their hemp contains a full-spectrum extract that has all of the phytonutrients, terpenes, and flavonoids found in the plant itself. They also third-party test all of their hemp for potency, heavy metals, solvents, and pesticides, to ensure the highest level of quality and safety with every product.

Hello all this is great info I recently asked our health department if this was something we could do and the referee me to this page:

Says CBD/hemp oil can’t be used in food or drinks in California. I know some of our juice friends are using it but anyone have a different answer for this for those of us here in California?


Technically it’s not currently federally legal to use CBD in food and beverage as it’s not yet a “GRAS” - generally regarded as safe, and therefore can’t be used as an ingredient.

There’s been a lot of discussion around it in the FDA, so the general perception is that it will soon be marked as safe. The only strong force against it in getting approval is the pharma lobbies, since they want to control it.

So basically, many brands are marking their products as containing “hemp oil,” and will switch the labeling to CBD once it’s approved.

That beings said, just as Marijuana was for a while, I assume some states are allowing it.