Mixing in powders

I’m curious as to other people’s experiences and methods for adding powders such as cocao, charcoal, or algae’s into juices and nut milks. I have tried adding powder first, last, half way, gradually and shaking well. It always clumps and I noticed other juice companies juices don’t appear clumpy. Any thoughts appreciated

Hello, Some powders do not dissolve, such as cinnamon and cayenne.
I recommend for items like cinnamon, when I could press, I add directly to the bag, or mix into the ground produce and then press.
This way I get the cinnamon flavor without the powder discoloring the juice.
Cayenne, I add directly to the portion or bottle then pour the juice over and do not mix into the large batch then portion, when you mix in a large batch you have a good chance of getting the consistency wrong.
The best technique I have found for powders that dissolve, when you have a batch of juice or product, take a little into a seperate bowl, mix in the powders, gradually adding more liquid if needed and keep going until all the clumps are gone and then pour that into the big batch and mix.


What a great idea, never thought of doing that