Activated Charcoal recipe

Looking at adding an activated charcoal juice to the menu.
We are located in Australia and activated charcoal isn’t around on juice menus in the location we are in.
So thought it maybe something different.
I was possibly thinking of adding it to our Apple, lemon, ginger juice. Does anyone have a recommendation on how much per bottle to add our bottles are 467ml which is approximately 16oz.
Or does anyone have any other recommendations in a way we could use it.
I follow a lot of juice company’s in USA and activated charcoal seems very popular. Thanks

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Hello @Juicelife Well depending on the color of juice I might adjust slightly but you will only need about 2-3 grams per 467ml. Couple of things to consider.
-Make sure the charcoal is labeled Food Grade, Some health departments or inspection agencies will require this verbiage on your product.
-I like to put the charcoal in a small bowl, to begin with, then slowly add the juice to avoid clumps, If you add the charcoal to all the juice at once, you will typically have clumps and take a bit longer to incorporate.
-Try to avoid using metal if possible, Charcoal is very powerful and can pull unwanted particles from metal easier than plastic or wood.


Great thanks just waiting for the charcoal to arrive so will check it out. Can’t wait to try it

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