Activated charcoal


Hi all,

We are looking into creating an activated charcoal lemonad. For you that allready have worked with this product do you have some input:

    • Best product on the market for juice businesses
    • Customer experience in the line of other products


/Gergö – Juica


Two things I can recommend. Always avoid using metal to touch the activated charcoal, I have read it can pull toxins from the metal. Not sure how true or dangerous this is but I have heard it from a few different sources.
Also make sure it is clearly labeled food grade, health departments will sometimes ask for documentation or proof. This was an issue I had, I had an inspector require we find that the product not only say food grade, but prove it was approved by the FDA as well. Wasn’t easy to find.
Does anyone know or recommend any brand or source for activated charcoal?


Terrasoul has a brand that we use and have had no problems with it at all…hope this helps.


Awesome, Thanks, It’s so odd though, They do not have it listed on their webpage anymore and every other supplier of the Terrasoul Charcoal I have come across seem to have it taken off or out of inventory.


We use starwest botanicals activated coconut charcoal! They made a great soluble powder. We make lemonade, which is pretty popular. I find the lemon helps break down the powder easily. Customers love this blend, its a great product to jump start a detox, follow up a bad meal, or fix a hang over :smiley: