Batch number nutrition facts barcodes and listens requirement

Hello everyone

What are batch number /codes

How can you generate a nutrition facts and percentage for a product is there an app

Are barcodes required for catering events or direct wholesale (restaurant or retail business resell product).

What are the licence required for Juice business

@Chrissy Hello,
Batch number/codes or lot numbers are a set of numbers in this case on a bottle in which you will be able to trace the end product (bottled juice) to the produce you used when producing it, who made it corresponding logs etc. Basically for traceability purposes. Most small operations can actually use just the date as an official lot code for example if I date a bottle 12/4/19 the lot code could simply be “12042019”

Not sure what you mean about percentages, are you referring to the percentage of juice that needs to be on a label? For the nutritional labels, most operations are exempt or fall under what’s considered a small business (Under 100 FTE’s employees or less than 100,000 units sold in 12 months

I am not familiar with requiring barcodes for catering events, or what the purpose would be if you were doing lot codes already.

I would need to know more about what type of business model you are planning to know what licenses would be required.


I have a few options …but so far I’m thinking about making unpasteurized juice , combining more than 1fruit or vege

When u say business model do you mean
Store Front
Direct Wholesale

I think online orders is what I would be interested in.