Small batch subcontracting

Is there anyone out there, that has done any small batch, micro processing either to sell as part of an existing recipe (eg. say beets or apple in beer, wine) or say to restaurants by the litre.

I am located in Ontario, Canada and recognize that health requirements vary per region, country etc and desire to develop something with this area as a “plus business” item.

Thankyou for taking a peek. Happy belated new years.

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We have not and don’t know anyone, but have been approached about doing this too. @charlie @AriS any leads?

Hello, Are you referring to the requirements from the health department to transport the raw juice?

I am aware of a craft brewery that wanted to have smaller batches, making me curious about how this could fit in, and keep a machine busier.

Being in a smaller conservative community in Ontario Canada, things can be a bit different than what happens in a larger market.

Thankyou both for your comments.