Introducing ....... one style to another


As part of my business plan in a smaller, fairly conservative area I will be starting with a liter duty juicer, with a replacement plan in year two for a mini X1 from Good Nature. So goes the theory anyways. Part is to keep costs in check, with the other part being simply knowing that the market dynamics are different where I am from in eastern Canada as opposed to where I have lived on the coast in western Canada.

Being in a colder climate for part of the year, I will be starting with some done on the spot or semi prepared. After this begins to have a home in the market, then I intend to do something more with some selct batches or contracts once I feel confident enough.

PS. Great idea with this B to B for this forum.


What style is the juicer you’re starting with? Auger, centrifugal, press?


My understanding is that it is a centrifugal press.


Ok, just keep in mind when you change from centrifugal to a press you will need to R and D your recipes again since the flavors may change substantially between the two methods.



Question- Do you get some companys subcontracting their services using your product for potentially smaller batch processing?


Do you mean like private labeling juice? There are a number of copackers that have our equipment but their minimum volume is usually pretty high, thousands of bottles per run. You could try approaching a juice bar and see if they would do a run for you.

Are you based near Toronto? There’s a company in Toronto that does non branded juice for hotels and restaurants. I could try to put you in touch if interested.


Hi Charlie
I had noticed at least one smaller company that had contracted out some processing to use as part of a beer recipe; it sounded like they were interested in much smaller batches. This poses an interesting option, if it made keeping a machine busier.

Having spent so many years with a few income streams, I am accustomed to this as simply looking at other possible options.

I am located in eastern Ontario.

Just a note…battling a cold at present.

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