X-1 verse Hire another Juicer

Hey Everyone,

Looking for some advice. I am opening a second location in March. Right now, I have one full-time juicer plus myself, I help out when the juice load is real heavy. I’ve had the CT-7 since 2017 and it’s a peach, I love it. We juice around 60-100 bottles per day with the occasional 150-200 bottles juice days, rare, but we do have them.

With the second location, I will definitely need to hire another juicer, I’m thinking around 30 hours a week. Either that, or I could purchase the X-1.

Pro: Long run, the X-1 would be a better investment for my business vs. another full-time employee.
Cons: I would have to get a loan, which could take sometime and not guaranteed. Especially with the new shop buildout, cash is TIGHT.

Thanks for all your help!

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X1 all day, you’ll cut the manpower in half.


Congrats on your second location! What about the X-1 mini? The busier you get, the need for more staff will arise inevitably. I think we all want to do everything ourselves but it’s just not possible (you’ll figure it out the easy way or hard way — I almost passed out one night working 16+ hours every day for 3 weeks straight). Yikes! You’ll be the COO doing 250+ bottles a day, the CFO, the CEO, the CMO, and everything else! Are there any creative ways for you to generate much more capital in a small amount of time like promoting multiple juice cleanses, bulk orders + deliveries, selling coffee, doing events with other businesses, etc?


X-1 all the way!
Plus, a CapEx investment and depreciable asset…BONUS!! Plus you’ll actually CUT Labor costs with the X-1 even if you didn’t increase your volume for a second location. and the investment in an asset is like paying yourself instead of paying for labor that walks out your door. Congratulations and good luck!