How do you plan to use the M-1?


My business is a coffee shop and juice shop and we currently own a X-1. We have reserved an M-1 to put on our front counter to offer made to order juices. As we wait for the M-1 I’m wondering if anyone else has thought of how the X-1 and M-1 coexist.

We are currently selling 100 bottled juices per day from the X-1.

@Jerad_Poling It is a pretty awesome machine, the biggest factor that differentiates it is that it can be right upfront, because its small, not loud and very clean, quick to operate. You have almost too many options. I would say adding it as additional options to the menu is key. Here are a few examples that might work great for you.

  1. Made to order section- Basically let customers pick their base items that would make up the bulk of the juice then let them choose a few add-ons. (This is key because you want them to have options but somewhat guided options, so you know they will have a great tasting product at the end and control costs)
  2. Have a specialty daily or weekly blend, Get creative and get your staff involved, great way to test out new ideas without committing to labels, specialty bottles etc. Keep the ones with the best feedback to go on menu when in season again as well!
  3. Easily incorporate cold pressed juice into your smoothies! This is big, lots of places had to settle for centrifugal juice for smoothie production because it was fast, now you do not have to sacrifice quality.
    Let me know if any of those will help or if you would like to brainstorm some more ideas that would work best for your specific operation, shoot me an email

I plan on using mine for our made to order power shots (wheatgrass/ ginger/ lemon) and smaller batches of juice while we’re using the x-1

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We plan on using our 2 M1 machines for on demand juicing from a menu. We would have pre weighed recipes for accurate yields and trying to limit spoilage and create a consistent taste. This has put our production time down to about 3 min. 20 seconds per 12 oz. glass. However there will be multiple changeout bins We will have for the m1 machines and we will be Rinsing them in the front kitchen. The weighed recipes will be being made in the back kitchen as well as larger cleanse orders being made on a future x1 mini. We are planning to have 10 of each recipe weighed out and on display in the front kitchen and as that number gets used we can weigh out more recipes in the down time. Our kitchen is not fully built out yet so we have had time experimenting at our home.
We would obviously be wanting to convert walk ins to placing orders online beforehand and picking up at a walk up window which is attached to the back kitchen.
Only thing I haven’t figured out is for people who have walk up windows and drive through windows how to handle if there isn’t someone in the back kitchen. Maybe a walk up order kiosk? Then they sit outside on the picnic table and wait for their order?
We were hit pretty hard In our area with covid so feel this will be a big selling point in the future since we are next to a train station parking lot which goes into the city.

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Sounds like a really cool set up @Aliheart3377. Excited to see how it comes out.

Regarding the drive through windows - maybe you could look at an example like mcdonalds or starbucks and see how they handle it. I believe their staff has headsets so they don’t need to be physically at the window to take an order.

Love the idea of the headset. That should make taking orders much easier. Thanks Charlie!

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@Aliheart3377 How did things go with your efforts at made-to-order with the M-1 machine? We are opening a juice bar in Philadelphia but are novices our selves. Initially we struggled with some messiness and the low volumes per batch with the M-1 led us to perhaps believe that the X-1 mini might make more sense for our operations. We seek to provide Made-toOrder juices on the X-1 Mini for whatever blend is ordered, and then proceed to bottle the excess ounces right then and there for display and quick sale as we will always press at least 4 bottles worth of any blend at a given time. Has anyone else ventured to operate as such or see any reasons why this might prove difficult?