Nutritional facts label

Hello- Are there any requirements for a nutritional label if selling juices commercially?


Hello @Steven, Depends on how large of operation. You could be small business exempt and not required. It is required if you have over 100 FTE’s or sell over 100,000 units in 12 month period.
Here is a link.


Thank you for your reply @AriS

What cold press juicer would you recommend for at home kitchen?

Could I sell cold pressed juices commercially made from home?

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@Steven Depends on how much juice you are planning on making at a time. Feel free to reach out to me direct at and I can put you in contact for pricing or find one that would be a good fit.
Making juice out of your home, you would need approval from local health department to operate under the “cottage law act” that would give you the ability to sell product produced out of your house to the public.

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Hi Steven,

You might find this article to be helpful:

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Hi @robinf and @AriS

Thank you for the link!

(some background)
I was wanting to do a trial run selling via another local business, and wanted to make sure I follow local laws.