Ginger Lemon Shot Issues

Hi Everyone,

Every once an a while we have issues with our Ginger Lemon shots, they thicken to an odd consistency that is not appealing and definitely not sellable. This typically happens within two hours. We press on the CT-7. Any thoughts as to why this is happening? It’s very odd and doesn’t happen all the time.



How do you prepare the lemons? Are you rough cutting them?

I had the same thought. If you’re leaving the peel on that can create the creamy texture and it turns bitter quickly.


We typically leave the peel, especially because it doesn’t happen every time. I’ll take the peel on and give it a try! Thanks!

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If you plan on removing the lemon peel, which I highly suggest, dont use a vegetable peeler. That takes awhile and is difficult. It’s faster to use a knife to rough cut the peel and the white pith beneath.


Wanted to send over an update on our Ginger+Lemon issue. We’ve done several test batches. We’ve peeled and we haven’t peeled. Sometime it happens and sometimes it doesn’t, we get different results each time. So I honestly don’t know why this is happening.

We did think it was the sanitize solution we were using in our third bay, so rinsed our container after it had been sanitized and air dried. The first time we did this, with non-peeled lemons, it worked we didn’t get the gelatinized texture, but the next time we did it, we did.

That is very odd. I have another question - is it happening to the full batch of bottles or just some?

I know that the starch in ginger settles to the bottom of whatever container you juice it into, so if you don’t shake it it can be very thick and starchy towards the bottom. That would mean maybe the last part of the batch you’re bottling could have a lot of starch in it.


So because we have this issue, we don’t bottle our shots. We keep them in one big container and then pour individually to order. That way, we don’t take the chance of someone bringing it home and instead of a 2oz bottle of ginger+lemon, they get a bottle of flubber.