Ginger Juice processing

Recently switched from using a Auger Style Masticating Juicer to an X-1.

I primarily juice Ginger for my products, and there has been a notable change in flavor. The masticating auger provides a much spicier, fresh ginger flavor; where the X-1 offers less heat and more earthy flavor.

Ingredients are the same, the only thing that has changed is the process.

Any ideas on how to get more heat and flavor from x-1? Is this common for juicing industry?


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Hello, I have run some tests on this. From what I have found is that the flavor is slightly spicier on the auger and slow-masticating juicer immediately, however the spiciness becomes very mild after a little bit, whereas the X-1 and X-1 mini will be milder in comparison if consumed right away but will taste consistent throughout the juices shelf life. The only thing that really makes sense as to why this happens is that the slight friction from the augers will heat up the natural oils from the ginger causing a much more sharp flavor when consumed right away and then dissipates.
A couple options are possibly adding a little all natural ginger extract or even using the ground ginger spice if you want a really strong gingery tasting product. Hope that helps.


Thanks for your insights. It is very interesting.

Do you have a suggested dosing rate for the ground ginger? Also, perhaps a great supplier of a natural extract?


I do not have a specific dosage, Its really depends on the other flavors you are using in the juice and how strong you want the end taste to be. If you were to use the ground ginger, I would say to add it to the actual ground produce in the press chamber before your pressing process, that way you will get the flavor through without concern altering the end color of the juice.
For the extract, Monin brand has a great product line as well as a brand called Silver Cloud.

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Great, thanks for the information!

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I haven’t tried with ginger and I’m a home juicer not commercial, but for what it’s worth…
I do find that juices made with my Norwalk 270 will often have a slightly sweeter and more mellow taste that if made in the twin gear Greenstar Pro and even bigger difference to the single augers but you would expect that