Ginger peeler equipment

We have been peeling ginger manually but with increased sales will need to find a piece of equipment that can peel ginger. Does anyone have experience with ginger peelers?

Most juice co’s don’t peel the ginger. Is there a reason you find it necessary?

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Peeling ginger isnt really neccessary if it has been washed well. The color may be slightly darker with the skin on, but it’s not a big difference.

I’m guessing because ginger comes from the earth peeling is necessary because they wamt to remove any excess or any trapped in between.

What would be a recommended scrubber for ginger any brand it particulat

Again I am not big on peeling ginger like others. But for small amounts simply back of a spoon or back of a pairing knife will do the trick. If you doing really large amounts of ginger and peeling was completely necessary, I would check out large scale potato peeling equipment. Might work on ginger, since the peels are fairly similar it’s basically similar to a washer machine that tumbles the product and gradually rubs away the skin.


Ginger have shape varies how would someone using a potatoes peeler get to the corners that’s is hard to reach

Good point, probably wouldn’t work unless you cut the ginger into chunks without branches.

Yes, it’s a little more abrasive than you would imagine, most of the off shoots from the root will break off and get the majority of the skin in one shot. You would need to skim through after, of course.

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Hopefully potatoes peeler peels it thin and not thick /heavy

Will certainly try experimenting with the potato peelers. Thank you all.

We would like to peel because our beverage is 50% ginger and the color difference is significant with the peel on. I should add that we are currently using a vitamix but we are waiting on our goodnature equipment.

Once you get the Goodnature machine, I think you will find that the color variance is negligible peeled vs. unpeeled. With the vitamix, that makes sense that you are seeing a wide color change. Leaving the peel on in a blender would definitely make the color darker. I think you will be pleasantly surprised in how much labor you will save NOT peeling ginger once your Goodnature machine arrives.

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