RPM on herb grind affects shell life?

Hi , ive just realize that nowhere in the specs of the machines says the rpm of the produce grind, is this relevant? how much heat over the produce does this make?

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Lots of people ask this question. The RPM of the grinder on a Goodnature juice press is not important and here’s why:

On a Goodnature juice press, the grinder simply chops the produce like you would with a knife. The produce gets cut and falls into the press.The actual juice extraction is done in the press by slowly squeezing the water out of the plant cells in the press.

The reason high RPM matters in a centrifugal machine is because the extraction is actually done by grinding the fruit against a metal screen. If you grind fruit against a screen quickly it creates a lot of oxidation and heat.

The method of extraction is what’s important- press vs metal screen.

Now to dig deeper-
The reason “masticating” brands like Breville and Hurom advertise a low RPM juicer is because the method of extraction is the same as a centrifugal - grinding against a metal screen. It’s just slower on a masticating juicer.

A Goodnature is completely different. It’s a real press.

It’s all about where the juice is actually extracted. In a Goodnature it’s extracted in a press. In all the other it’s extracted by grinding against a screen.

That’s why the RPM of the grinder doesn’t matter.


Great to know, I ask because some of the clientes may think that the grind on goodnature presses is the same on the centrĂ­fugal just because theres a grind disc that spins very fast. So this is a very good answer to them.
Thank you

Hi Charlie, That’s really good to information to know and makes complete sense. Just out of interest though, are you able to disclose the RPM of the Goodnature Grinders? Thanks in advance.


I’m not sure of the RPM. Like I said above though, it’s really not relevant based on the technology. The extraction is happening in the press, not the grinder.