Removing the brown juice mineral residue...?

Does anyone have a good way (other than insane amounts of elbow grease) to remove the brown juice mineral residue from the juicer blades, press racks, etc?

Curious if there is a product you can soak in, CLR or otherwise?

We use a sponge and sometimes a scrub brush and soap and it quickly and pretty easily removes residue like shown in this photo. As long as you are keeping up daily on the cleaning, it should not build up to the point where it is hard to remove with soap and sponge/brush.

I can recommend Lime B Gone. It’s pretty strong stuff so use it carefully, but it works like a charm.

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We use baking soda and a little bit of water, to form a paste. In saying that, its hard to get into some of the small areas of that grinding blade. It also works great on the build up in blender bowls.


Also using something a little more abrasive on the stainless steel parts like a steel wool or brillo pad works great for me.

I recently bought a scrub brush drill attachment on Amazon and have been getting great results. Cleaning things with power tools is fun! :smiley:

Haha wow! I love the ingenuity

I would also like to point out to everyone that if the blades are old and dull on the EG-260 (grinder for X-1 and X-6) you should replace them. Often times I go into a juice kitchen and I see someone working really hard trying to get produce through the grinder, and we put a new blade on and it’s like night and day how much better the grinder works.

The blade teeth should be somewhat sharp to the touch. If they are very dull, it affects the process greatly and can even cause more separation in the juice since the user has to really force it through the blade.

As the operator, you may not notice the blade is dull since it happens slowly, but when you put a new one on you will immediately notice the difference.

The above cleaning suggestions are great, and I think when it’s time to do a deep cleaning might be a good time to check the sharpness of the blade.