Home citrus juicer

Hi all! I’m new to this foum. I believe it is the right place for this thread.

I’ve bought an Aicok electric citrus juicer for home and was very excited to use this but it ended up being such a pain in the butt and after a few uses, it completely broke. I always take very good care of my belongings and am really good about cleaning my kitchen items/electronics well and right after each use… this was no different. Despite my taking excellent care of this appliance, the part that presses down on the rind to juice completely broke and is unfixable. Such a disappointment and I would not order one like this again. That’s why I’m here, and my question is: which citrus juicer do you use at home?
I’ve read many reviews like this https://wisepick.org/best-citrus-juicer/ and they recommend to buy Breville citrus juicer. Does anyone use it?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, I’ve found the Breville to be a great, sturdy little citrus press. Have used them for about 4 years now. It’s my favorite I’ve found for straight citrus. Thumbs up from me!

A simple hand press works great!

The Breville 800 you linked to is the same or almost the same as the one I have, here in Europe the brand name is Sage.
Have a look at mine:
It won’t let you down, it is serious good quality and very easy to use and easy to clean too.