Menu board - urgent

Hello Community,
I am opening my juicery on July 6th and need a good MENU BOARD. I bought a digital menu board from (dopublicity) and it’s not working for me. I need something that will display the ingredients of each item.

Do you want to stick with digital or go analog?

I just wanted a Menu that is efficient to manage. I would love to have a digital but if analog is better then, I will go along.
If you can suggest both - that will be great.

Thanks a lot as I am racing against time right now.

Buy a TV, load a menu using powerpoint on it with a USB stick. Super easy to change out. I use an LG tv

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Thanks. I’m going to try that. I appreciate.

most likely you will have to save the file as a jpg around 4MB (at least on an LG)

We love our PlaySignage on a wall-mounted TV. Very easy to use and to customize on or off-site.

we use fire sticks and screen cloud to run our menu & social media board. $20 a month per screen