Labeling PET Bottles for HPP


Hello Guys.
Could somebody let us know what is the best material to print on for HPP ?
We are kind of new it juicing and our Labels are still changing, so we are printing them so far on our own.
The Labels look great but we struggle with the selection of materials compliant
with HPP. We have tried Vinyl (too thick and fragile in cold temperature),
Polyester(peeling off due to the pressure of HPP)
Now we were told that the BOPP might be the one but the rolls of BOPP
that I see on the Market are only 41/2" wide max. and our labels are 5"etc…
Thank you,

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Hey Josef,

A 2 mil film material seems to be a popular choice when HPP’ing (from what I’ve seen and heard) and maybe this is the BOPP you are referring to…

I have heard good things of Weber Packaging, they cater to both small and large companies:

I know that Daily Greens uses them:

Also, another company I have not heard anything about but they might be another source worth checking out:

Best of luck and be sure to let us know what you find out!