Juicing Tomatoes

What do people find is the best method for juicing tomatoes? I used Roma and added celery with some other minor ingredients (jalapeño, basil, salt and lime). The flavor was amazing, but the juice came out a bit lighter in color than I wanted and separated a bit (so the consistency wasn’t there). Is there a better type of tomato to use? Perhaps I used too much celery? Just wondering what others may have found in their experience. Trying to make a “V8” version of a cold pressed juice. Thanks all!


Yes, almost all the varieties I have juiced are very light in color almost clear, I believe the separation is because the water content is so high, it typically resemble fresh watermelon juice, The key is definitely adding some form of salt like you have already, it really bring the natural flavor. I also like adding maybe a touch a garlic or scallion in the mix even fresh horseradish and black pepper gives it a nice kick. For the color, its always tough to blend red and green and make it look nice, so if I add a touch of beet, not enough to taste, it kind of helps bring out a more red color.


When most companies say they use tomato juice as an ingredient the are actually using tomato puree, which is thicker and red.

Thank you both for your input! I’ll let you know what we end up with!

Ari is correct on the beet coloring. We use it and it works great. Just a little red beet goes a LONG way for coloring.

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Honestly and respectfully, I wouldn’t juice nightshades (tomatoes). They are terrible for people who have arthritis or any kind of inflammation. If you cook them they become less intense but raw and concentrated may give people issues.

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