Selling pure celery juice


Hey everyone I posted an article on the goodnature blog and wanted to get a conversation started here if anyone has any feedback or thoughts on the topic.

Blog article:


Nice article! It took a bit for the trend to anchor in the Mid-West, but it is here!! We started selling it with lemon, and we have a popular green juice with celery that has picked up. Glad people know the benefits!


Thank you!
We had someone asking about shelf life on celery and lemon juice…curious to know how long you are getting and if you use conventional or organic?
Thanks again for sharing!


Here in Las Vegas we are having a difficult time keeping up the demand for celery juice. We use organic and the case price has spiked recently due to this demand. Just yesterday we had an order for 12 16oz bottles for just one person. We sell multiple units of it to virtually every person.
We use a 4 day shelf life, but for celery juice it sells out within 24 hours. It has become out #1 unit seller since its introduction in mid December .


Wow, that’s amazing, #1 seller! How do you price your juices? Are they all the same price point? or is it based on the food cost per juice? Just wondering how juice bars handle the increase in case price when it goes up due to demand…


We offer two price points for our 16oz juices. Our signature recipe price point which is higher and a simple recipe price point which is lower.
I really am fighting adjusting the prices as much as I can because I want consistency in our pricing. If organic celery pricing gets much higher I will either have to change the recipe to add water, or raise the price of 100% celery juice, neither of which I want to do. I am hoping that the food cost is just a hicchup as the demand of organic celery spiked from all the New Year resolutions.


Using two price points/categories makes sense, smart! I hope the organic celery pricing levels out soon :slight_smile:


When you add the lemon do you still receive the same benefits as just drinking celery juice pure?


There are some that claim that celery juice works better alone, but I have not been able to find any studies or scientific facts to back that up…however, Annie Parks, who holds a degree in Kinesiology + Integrative Nutrition, had this to say when we asked her advice on straight celery juice vs. celery juice with other ingredients: “Customers come looking for us to juice straight celery juice. (In fact, they get a little “salty” that we won’t accommodate straight celery juice). Our suggestion at The Balanced Bee Juice & Broth Restorative is to furnish a balance of celery, lime, ginger. The abundant benefits of celery are SUPERCHARGED by combining it with alkalizing lime and healing ginger.”


Hi all, I can only speak from personal testimony on drinking straight celery juice as recommended by Medical Medium. I’ve been doing so for almost a year now and have had tremendous results myself with Rhumatoid arthritis flare ups as well as a complete glow in my skin. As far as straight celery vs mixing it goes I’ve done it straight up. We’ve been juicing at my drive thru coffee shop for a few years now and just recently purchased the X-1 mini. I hadn’t introduced the celery until recently because I knew I couldn’t keep up with the demand. Just as I had assumed if we can get our hands on organic celery it sells out as soon as we get it inside the stands. We have several standing orders for gallons as well. We are also dealing with price point issues as organic celery just keeps increasing in price. Currently in Alaska I am paying $3.25 for a bundle which juices about 16 oz. We’ve started saving the celery ends and are growing it, I figure at this rate any I can get at a lower cost will help.


I was hoping NOT to increase our pricing on 100% celery juice, but the cost has gotten too high not to offset. I had to do an 11% price increase today, unfortunately and take a slightly shorter margin to remain competitive and true to the brand.