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Hi all, I am Richard Ma from China.

I am starting a business offering healthy and functional shakes for people who work out to build muscle or lose fat.

I used such service while I was in US. After coming back to China, I found there is such demand but lacking in such service. I make shakes and smoothies back home for myself after workout. I want to share it with other people and make it a business.

I am hoping to meet professionals for recipe discussions.



Hi everyone, I am Kayo Adeboye, a health enthusiast and aspiring juice bar owner from Nigeria.
My business will be built around the X1 mini Pro and a commercial citrus juicer- still considering Zumex.
I am excited to be part of this forum and I hope to leveraged your knowledge and experience as I set up my Juicebar- scheduled to start by April, 2019.


Hi everyone, I am Kayode Adeboye, a health enthusiast and aspiring juice bar owner from Nigeria.
My business will be built around the X1 mini Pro and a commercial citrus juicer- still considering Zumex.
I am excited to be part of this forum and I hope to leveraged your knowledge and experience as I set up my Juicebar- scheduled to start by April, 2019


Hi – I’m Steve and I live in Dallas, Texas.
And, I need your help.

About ten years ago, I was hit by a car. Yes, it hurt. About six years later I discovered cold-pressed juicing and after years of struggling, my recovery finally began. The results were so dramatic that about a year ago, I began a blog both about my journey and about my ongoing education about juices.


Here’s where you come in:
Finding reliable, sourced information about the benefits of juicing is HARD to locate! I read tons of claims and "it is reported that"s.
What I try to do in my blog is identify sources of science behind the health claims, one juice at a time.

For example, in Ari’s book The Juicing Companion (good book!), lots of health benefits are listed for each specific fruit’s or vegetables’ juice. I don’t doubt them, but I can’t source them all, either.

So, please read my blog posts, let me know what you think, and if you’re aware of good sources of information about these health benefits, I’d really appreciate your input.

All the best, Steve


@Steven_Thrasher welcome to the community!

you can look at the nutrients within the fruit or veggie then find info about the benefits of those nutrients instead of just looking for benefits of a specific fruit or veg.


Hi! I’m Jen and I have a small juice business, not quite a year old, called Just Juice It! Our business will be homeless at the end of this month so I’m concentrating on my juice subscription, Juice On The Go!, and conducting what I call juice pop-ups. I go to a local coffee shop or wellness center with some premade juices as well as ingredients and my juicer for one day a week. The newsletter The Juice It Journal has subscribers and I’m trying to turn those people into buyers. For me, I notice that when I am consistent with juicing I don’t need coffee and all my cravings disappear! It’s so rewarding to have my customers come to me on a consistent basis telling me how wonderful they feel drinking the juices and that they are trying the recipes that are included in our newsletter. I’m happy to be small right now. Knowledge is key and right now I’d like to learn as much as possible.


That was my initial thought as well; however, I’ve learned that each juice has a nutritional profile that amplifies the benefits of certain vitamins over others (which is why a body passes most tablet-vitamins without absorbing most of the nutrients).
I’m pretty sure that there’s a LOT more going on than mere vitamin/mineral content, and hope “putting the pieces together” from the research that’s already available will give people yet another powerful reason to skip McDonalds and head to their local juice bar.
All the best, Steve

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Good Morning All. My name is Steve Roper and I am one of the founding partners of The Great Canadian Cider Company in Collingwood Ontario. Four years ago my partner and I began a quest to create a commercially available organic cider, which we have done and won several awards during the journey but we are still new and still in a large learning curve. I would like to reach out to the community to ask some questions and see what the responses are on a variety of topics.


Hi everyone,
My name is Joseph. I’m working for a restaurant here in Princeton, Kentucky, USA. We are a semi- farm to table/local foods restaurant.
I’m considering adding a juice bar here and will be looking for help and answers! Thank you all for any interest and information you might be able to supply.
Strike up a conversation with me!


Hi there!

I am Angelica Haymes living in Hudson, New York.
I originally grew up in the suburbs of Queens, NY and spent my summers on my families farm in Puerto Rico.
My juice business is called Little Rico, we are based out of Hudson, New York and have been graciously offered to use a cafe space in a hotel/restaurant called WM Farmer and Sons. We will strictly be offering raw, cold pressed juice at first with the hopes to add smoothies and other health-filled quick and easy bites. We focus on community, supporting local and hopes to continue to be environmentally friendly and conscious.

About me
I have been making health-specific juice recipes for the past 5 years, and has been in love with the hudson valley since 2009!
Many experiences, education opportunities, and jobs along the way informed my desire to ultimately open Little Rico in the Hudson Valley .
Coming from a family of farmers in Puerto Rico, ive was always aware of a connection between where I got my food and the community that it served. This connection between food and community became a priority when seeking a location to settle down.
I graduated university with a BA in psychology and sociology, with a focus on early childhood development. This education, along with the fact that I have been a childcare provider for over 10 years, gave me immense insight on how the health of both men and women have profound impacts on the health of their offspring.

Meanwhile, while working many late nights back in 2013, I started to notice a decline in my health. This is when my natural affinity for health, nutrition and juice started to really become relevant in my life. I became very interested in holistic nutrition, focusing on juice as a medicine. I decided to take it one step further and became a certified Holistic Nutritional Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2014, and ever since then I have been spreading knowledge, advice, juice(s), superfood smoothies, salves and any other natural goodies I have learned about to our community.

Since my first juice bar job at the age of 16, I have consulted and worked with 5 small juice businesses. I am stoked to take my years of varied experience to open Little Rico and serve the community.

The goal is to not only offer quality locally-sourced products, but to bring a blend of my years of experience in hospitality, caregiving and health coaching and educate people on how they can care for their bodies/health. The sense of community and abundance of local farms in the Hudson Valley made it a natural choice when deciding where to plant roots and start a business and a family.

  • Angelica

Hi I am Rhosyll Jeffers. An aspiring juice entrepreneur. I am from the lovely Island of Nevis which is a part of the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean. Presently, I am working towards establishing a business that produces natural juices first to my island then to the rest of the Caribbean and beyond. I am in need of machinery, more specifically an industrial juicer and an ice lolly sealer machine. Also I would like to improve or advance myself in this area. I am hoping to meet a network of friends who have the same interests.


Hey all!

From South Florida (Palm Beach/Broward County)

Our juice bar is located inside of a yoga studio, and we aspire to have our own stand alone store next year. We have been in business for 7 months, and the X-1 mini is taking us to new heights.

When I started this business I didn’t know that I would fall in love with juicing. I just thought we would make some smoothies, and bowls and the occasional juice. I had been juicing for a while before starting the business, but my passion has grown since owning and operating the juice bar.

We look forward to contributing to the community and I can’t wait to pick the brains of the people who came before us!


Welcome @JuiceRev ! Great intro, always excited to meet more passionate members of the community.

I’m Elizabeth. From Nigeria. I aspire to have classy healthy juice/smoothie bar soonest. I would like a step by step start up guideline here. And I’m so happy I found this platform and am here to learn, grow and perfect,…

Hi. Please what do you mean by X1 mini Pro, heard the term a lot.

Hellooooo all!
I’m Joseph, from Chicago but currently living in Indonesia.
I first found out about juicing from a little place in New York called Juice Press, and after many years there tried helping out shops back in my hometown of Chicago. After a certain political event in 2016 I decided to pack up and move out to asia. The juice seen in Indonesia is extremely small and the market is dominated by one player really. I had previously been at a place with an X-1! but we have since closed. I’m joining teams with some new players and hopefully we can show people what juice is all about!

That’s an interesting story! What part of indo are you in?

Jakarta (for now)! Bali is where its a much more like minded scene of course, but being able to bring cold press juice to the capital I would say is more important to the people of Indonesia.

Sandra from SF Catering in Maryland. We serve a ginger drink during catering events and have overwhelming interest by customers for bottled options. Here to learn from this great community.

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