Cold pressing hemp seeds for oil extraction

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Just wondering if anyone has used an X-1 or any other press to extract oils from hemp seeds.

Any info or feedback is welcome.


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Hello, @Andy_Pratt I have not personally tried producing hemp seed oil, however, I have tried making nut-based oils and even avocado oil before. Very cool process to experiment on and the flavor of fresh-made oil is really unique and not available in stores. I will be honest, outside of large equipment and production, I don’t see it really feasible for operations, for personal use, maybe just for the amount you get and price of the seeds or nuts. The two key factors missing or off it seems are the grinding of the seeds (Possibly with a mortar and pestle will be best), Large operations have specialized equipment specific for this process, then the Malaxation of the product, These two steps are very tough to recreate for max yield on the product. But can be replicated on a smaller scale using processors, an oven maybe, and possibly a stand mixer.

Due to the hardness and small size, seed oils are generally done with a screw press. This cracks, crushes and presses the seed enough to extract the oil. The remaining bulk is then sifted in various grades of hemp flour so there is little waste.


Thanks Ari. Also was wondering if you can tell me the micron of the nut press bags ? we have used them to fine filter some juices and want to find a base line for an automated filtering system. Thanks.

Interesting, thanks.

@Andy_Pratt 250 micron