Cold pressed coffee

Hey everyone, we’re a coffee shop who slowly added cold press juices to our menu. It’s been really exciting and we were thinking about trying to cold press some coffee. Have any of you tried this? Any suggestions with soaking times for the beans?

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Hello, I tried a while ago where I tried to make it similar to almond mylk, I took medium roast coffee beans and soaked them with almonds equal parts, for 48-hours, Drained and blended the coffee almond mixture with dates and replaced water with coconut water. Wow, the caffeine felt like it was through the roof. Definitely had the jitters immediately, but actually tasted great, If I was going to change anything, I could either do a 50-50 blend of almond to coffee for possibly a shot, but I would say 95% nut to 5% coffee would be a better fit I feel if I was going to do something in a larger serving size. Good luck let us know how your testing goes!


I’ve also tried pressing ground and soaked coffee beans and it worked pretty well. I’m not an expert on coffee so I’m not sure if the results are as good as real cold brew or regular brewed coffee, but it definitely works.