Oat Milk in X-1

Has anyone made their own oat milk through the X-1?
If so, any tips on removing the sliminess?
Is the ratio of oats to water similar to other nut milks?
Also, which weave size bag have you found best?



I think @AriS has done this. He will probably reply soon

@Namastecafeukiah.com Hey Christian, Hope all is good over in Ukiah, Oat mylk is tricky, the slimness is from either soaking too long or over blending, bad news is soaking the oats weakens the phytic acid. I prefer no slime in my drink, so if use rolled oats I am very careful and do not soak at all, right into a blender with liquid of choice then press using med or wide weave bag. I find steel-cut a little easier to work with, I rinse well and soak for a couple hours, and process the same. I use about a 3-1 ratio still for water to oats, but I always like to add other items to boost the flavor since its slightly more mild than most other nut mylks.

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