Water filtration system


I am in the planning stages of opening my juice/smoothie shop. (I ordered my X1 mini last week :hugs:). I’m wondering what people use for their water filtration in the stores? Especially for making nut milks, using in smoothies or washing organic produce.


We use Aquasana whole house filters, they are great.


I use Kangen Water for milks and lemonaids and the higher alkaline is amazing for cleaning produce


Water as an ingredient and water as a cleaner should be looked at differently. RO, reverse osmosis, is the best choice as an ingredient. This both has filters and a type of membrane distillation which does a better job of removing anything harmful or off flavors.

Since RO and filter systems are expensive, you generally do not want to waste that water on washing systems. You can either install them at the point of use, or run a three line water system, hot, cold and filtered. This is how we did it in the coffee house business, since there were so many coffee machines. When ever you have a product like a nut milk where the number one ingredient is water, treat it with the respect any ingredient demands and make sure the water is something you would drink straignt.


We use a Reverse Osmosis system from Culligan with a 9-gallon holding tank. It is quickly becoming too small/slow for our needs as we grow, so we will be moving up to a bigger system soon, after being open 7 months. It is fantastic water! We use it for pressed almond milk on out X-1, our homemade smoothie milks in the blender, spicy lemonade, aloe water, coffee, and tea.