Reach in or walk in refrigerator recommendations

Hi juice friends, I’m curious if anyone started with a two or three door reach in refrigerator vs a walk in? Do you ever need more cold storage space?

Which items last on the floor vs the refrigerator best? If items are on the floor verses cold storage do they attract fruit flys?

I appreciate your feedback!

:hugs: Lauren

Hi Lauren,

We started with a 2 door and a 3 door reach in. Quickly had to buy a 3rd fridge (another 2 door) for BOH and regretted not starting with a walk in. Of course your decision will be predicated on your space availability and budget, but if you can make room for a walk in and its in the budget it makes sense. You can also grow into it. Also consider where you will put finished goods back stock.

A few items like bananas, ginger, apples (for a short time) and unripe avocados can stay out of cold storage but most needs to be refrigerated. Ask your produce supplier as well for best handling practices. Some items can attract fruit flies.


Thank you for the feedback!!!

Thanks for confirming my suspicion. Don’t wanna waste time trying to cut cost too much, when in principle from what I’ve noticed in life, trying to cut cost will cost even more than just shelling out properly. Case in point, getting a good nature juicer. But yes, walk in sounds superior. I’m looking at a 12x12.