Protecting Recipes

Hey Fellow Juicers,

What is the best way to go about protecting your recipes. Do you register them as trade secrets or are there other methods? @charlie @AriS

Recipes can’t be protected under US law. I think this is a good thing. Imagine if every time you made a recipe similar to someone else’s you faced a lawsuit. It would be very difficult to run a food or beverage business.

Trade secrets are secrets about your process you don’t share with the public or competitors. Trade secrets can’t be protected either.

If you’ve truly invented a unique process you can file a process patent, but that still doesn’t protect your recipes. Only the process.


So what’s the best way to protect information when giving it to employees. Currently they have signed NDA’s/confidentiality agreements. Is there any other measures I should be taken.

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Hello, I have never really seen a local juice bar use an NDA for employees for the recipes that I was aware of, it is probably more common in larger production that distributes.
However, it’s not unreasonable to consider employees sign a non-compete clause for a period after they leave.
If you create something new and very successful, people are bound to try to replicate. Your staff, employees, how you evolve and handle challenges will be the pieces that sets you apart.