Copacker with HPP capabilities


We are using an X-1 to manufacture our 6 popular juice recipes. We have started to explore manufacturing for distribution which requires HPP. With this we are being asked by our potential distributor to have food safety plans in place in addition to a third party audit. I’m starting to wonder if it makes more sense to send our 6 juice recipes to a copacker for manufacturing, bottling and HPP processing. Does anyone know of a copacker who will do a run of 2,000 bottles over 6 recipes? I’ve sent out some emails based on a google search as well. Thank you all!

Hi Jerad,

Are you manufacturing the juice in MN or Costa Rica?

Hi Robin,

We manufacture in Minneapolis at our cafe.

  • Jerad

Ok great! I spoke with Pete Whitehead, who handles our large equipment sales, and he recommends speaking with the following companies:


Bainbridge Beverage Company West

American Pasteurization Company, L.L.C.

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Is there a company in San Bernardino or LA or Orange county who can do this?

Hi Nick,

Check out in Torrance, CA