UV Co-packer an alternative to HPP Co-packer


Trying to extend the shelf life while preserving the nutritional value, has been proven to be a bit tough. We have utilize HPP. I came across UV pasteurization. Does any one have a lead or know more about the subject? I am currently hunting for a Co-packer (in California ideally) that utilizes this technology, please share if you know of some one.

Thank you.

Jorge Espana

UV has been used historically in cider and wine, but has just recently started to be used in the cold pressed juice industry. There are some limitations compared to HPP, as it can only work on juices that are fairly translucent (since the light has to pass through).

I know of a couple juice brands using it, but haven’t heard of any co-packers. I think since it takes so much configuration and working with a food scientist, it’s probably cost prohibitive for co-packers to offer the service.


We are working with some companies on UV installations here in California for brand holder facilities. As Charlie states, there are still some issues with cloudy products. There have been improvements and you can probably expect to see the service in the next few years.

Right now the cost is really in the Validation process. Since no standards exist, each use requires a fairly expensive validation study. Our client is large enough to pay for this, but smaller companies and co-packers are not ready to burden this cost. HPP is already proven, so you avoid much of that cost.


Is it SOLTI that uses UV Light? We love and sell their glass bottled Wellness Shots.


Yes Solti is using the process very well. I believe Ryne was the first to figure out how to use it with cold-pressed juice, even though the Solti brand is more teas now than juice.

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Hello Charlie, first of all, I need to say how much I find information at this forum valuable! Thank you for doing it!

Would you know about any HPP co-packer in the Calgary (Canada) area?

What is the standard cost for this type service?

Thank you!