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We are truing to find some research regarding the drop in vitamins end minerals when you have hpp’ed the Juices compared to RAW juice. We were thinking about doing are own tests, but the cost for us as a small juice brand in Sweden unfortunately was huge.
One thing that really interests us is to be able to see if the Hpp juices stops degrading in vitamins over a period of time, while RAW just is at its best the first days and than faster drops after say day 2. Does any of you have any studies of HPP juices and vitamins or can point us in the right direction ? Heard about a studie done by UCLA and Pressed Juicery a couple of years ago.

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Lots of companies claim to have done these studies but I’ve never seen them release any of the data. I have searched extensively for these when I wrote The Truth About HPP Juice

Thats interesting… You would think that some of the Hpp brands would use this information in marketing… And also that the Cold Pressure Council would publish this on there page. I contacted Joyce to see if she had any info. but haven’t heard back yet.

I let you know if find anything, and also when we are able to make are own tests here in Sweden. Right now we have one line with RAW juices for home delivery ( e-commerce) and one line for stores that is hpp’ed.

Thnx Charlie !

/Gergö - JUICA

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