Juice shelf life


Does anyone know the shelf life of cold pressed raw juice? I appreciate the help!


7 days if untreated via pasteurization or HPP.


Normally is 3 days, but if you will use the HPP, could improve until 30 days.


Here is the formal documentationI found from the FDA 2017 food code ( https://www.fda.gov/downloads/Food/GuidanceRegulation/RetailFoodProtection/FoodCode/UCM595140.pdf )

On page 101 the shelf life is 30 days for untreated juice. The BIG IF, seems to be the possible presence of Listeria (found often in the melon family) which can grow even in properly controlled temperatures of 41 F or below after 7 days. Every municipality may have slight variations, but the FDA regulated the min/ max of the shelf life. Of course talking to your local health department will give you a definitive answer.


Hello @TheJuiceBoxLV this is great info for me. I juice at home and any recipe that includes watermelon seem to not last long and I have always wondered if am not selecting my watermelons right.


Ours is 7 days for RAW juices.


How are you determining your shelf life of juices? I currently date everything for 3 days but I’ve heard some green juices can last 5-7. Are you testing the pH of the products and if so what should it be?


The FDA rule in the states is 7 days from production. A shelf life of 3 days is great from a taste/ QC standpoint (we do 4), but it is safe up till 7days, regardless of color/ ingredients.

As for pH, FDA deems the kill level of pathogens at 3.5 pH or lower (acidic) or 11.5pH or higher (alkaline). So the danger zone which nearly EVERY juice you will ever make is 3.6 - 11.4. In my opinion, it is a waste of time and resources to use a litmus test on juices.


Thank you @TheJuiceBoxLV for your reply! That is helpful and much appreciated :slight_smile:


RAW, cold pressed: Three days to be safe. Ari at Juice Con said the same thing. We date ours for three days, and on the 4th offer them at a $1 off in our cold case. by day 5 they are starting to taste a bit wonky, and separating quite a bit (indication of oxidation/decreased nutrient value).


That’s Exactly what we do!!!


I am in agreement with Karen & Ari.
Best in 3, reasonable to drink within 5-7 depending heavily on the ingredients in the juice. (greens shift much faster, and elements like ginger or lemon seem to hold the juice’s flavor integrity for longer). I stamp as “best enjoyed by:” with 3 days out, and communicate the health dept/FDA standard of 7 days.



Check out info from the Raw Juice Alliance #3andUnder